A Holy Instant

A journal entry from 8/30/1994; Minneapolis, MN

I walked home from another visit to the local coffee shop this late afternoon. Acorns exploded and crunched under my feet. I enjoyed how the sun met me between the shade of the trees.

Then it happened.

Suddenly Light was everywhere. Everything around and inside of me radiated with a bright glow. My body was on fire; each cell crackled with Light. The houses, the acorns, the trees, even the shade was ablaze with Light.

Then, I heard a Voice. “Everything breaks down to Light. Everything.”

This all happened within the time it took to break one acorn. Like the Dzogchen teacher clapping his hands to help break the bonds of our illusions.

Clap! Clap!

I immediately merited this experience to a lonely child who sits somewhere abandoned. The child waits for the mother to return but the mother won’t be returning for the child. But still the child waits. I send all this Light and Love to this child.

“May this child have all this joy, this Light, this Love,” I thought.

Then, with the burst of another acorn shell the experience ended.

Certainly this could be considered a profound spiritual experience?! Do I not want such experiences as proof of the spiritual?  More likely it was merely the sun reaching me through the tree, lighting everything up for an instant.

I am so silly!

Even so, I know that somewhere there is a child waiting and wondering, and who for a holy instant felt this Love, this Light.

•     •    •

To make room for what’s next in my writer’s life I am throwing out everything that isn’t food for the present moment. I have a stash of journals, cards, notes from others and to myself, manuscripts in different stages, messages from my past, and scraps of paper with meaning.

It is a way the past energetically holds on to me and it is time to let it all go.

I will throw out this above entry and the journal that kept it and the several dozen other journals, unopened into the winter’s fire. I let it all go.

It’s all Light anyway.

•Photo taken on my morning walk.

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