A Writer’s Feast

Dear Writers,

Here’s my writerly menu. Join me for some great “meals” for the writer’s soul!

crestStarting on Monday the 15th, I will be at the Write-By-The-Lake for a week. Attendees refer to this retreat as a “week at a writer’s spa.” My class is full but there’s still a chance to learn from some wonderful, fantastic instructors at this event including Kathy Steffen and Laurie Scheer.

In June I begin my FREE series: Write Your Story Project. Come and attend three summer seminars on writing, held in the Spring Green area. The first one is Monday evening, June 22nd, from 6 till 9 pm. How to go from idea to journal to book. Wyoming Valley School Cultural Arts Center 6306 State Road, Hwy 23. Click on title for more details and dates in July and August.

“I cut the cord. I said, I will do only what I can do, express what I am–that’s why I used first person, why I wrote about myself,’ I Decide to write from the standpoint of my own experience, what I knew and felt. And that was my salvation.”  –Henry Miller


My FREE June Writer’s Retreat held at my home and “retreat” center is on Friday June 26th. Meet up with other writers. Enjoy a day in nature.IMG_0273

In September I begin my next writing consultation circle: Keep It Simple. September 9th. We meet the second Wednesday evening of the month in Prairie du Sac for a year, 20 minutes west of Madison. 595 Water Street, 5:30 till 8:45.  (Not free but cheap and a unique opportunity for writers).thumb-3






And there is my on-going, on-line class, where you will get personal one-to-one time with me as you initiate yourself as a writer: The Initiated Writer. thumb

Finally for writers, I offer a unique and personalized one-day workshop on Making a Living as a Writer. Limited to 8 people. You will leave with personal ways to explore and kick start your writer’s life, or take the next step in your writing vocation.  I will give specific strategies on how to experience creative and financial satisfaction in your writing life.

Life is without meaning

You bring the meaning to it

The meaning of life is

whatever you ascribe it to be.

Being alive is the meaning.

Joseph Campbell, author and mythologist

For more on my other offerings, such as my Intuitive Development Class I will be offering in the fall check out my home page’s CURRENT EVENTS. thumb-1

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