About Julie Tallard Johnson, MSW

My passions are many, as I work with clients and students one-on-one, helping you find direction and inspiration. I facilitate transformational writing classes & workshops for writers and others with creative and spiritual pursuits. I offer two writing consultation circles and free writing retreats out of my home. I have studied and explored ways to hold safe circles and groups for thirty years. I enjoy working with people in circle and helping participants learn to hold circles of their own. Circles are based on Parker J Palmer’s Circles of Trust.

For over 20 years I offered my year-long Initiation Course based on my book, Wheel of Initiation. In 2013 I completed my final one. I now offer THE COURAGE TO BE YOURSELF through my yearlong Zero Point Circle. In this circle we explore community, creative purpose and spiritual renewal in a circle of dedicated individuals. (Next circle begins in SEPTEMBER 2017 in Madison Wisconsin. For more information go to:   http://www.julietallardjohnson.com/calendar/29 )

I enjoy every part of the writer’s life (and helping others to live a fulfilling creative life)–and am the author of ten books, three for adults and seven for teenagers. I am presently seeking a publisher for my first novel and am finishing up a book based on Parker J Palmer’s teachings titled THE RED THREAD. I have kept a journal since the age of sixteen. I am presently an on-line and face-to-face adjunct instructor through the UW-Madison, Continuing Studies. Working for the UW and living The Wisconsin Idea, is a dream come true for me.


How I Got Where I Am: Here’s My Story

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