“Julie Tallard Johnson is a master mentor. She is incredibly skilled at pointing you in the right direction at the right time; offering resources that not only help but inspire; helping you find whatever it is you need within your own being; and being true to her own authentic being. Julie walks her talk like no one else I know: her integrity is impeccable. I’ve used her books for guidance, participated in her workshops and courses, been mentored, and had individual sessions with her. All of them helped me immensely in getting to know myself, being true to my soul’s calling, living an authentic existence, and even loosening up! I don’t know what I did in a former life to get to work with Julie, but I am just grateful I didn’t pass up the opportunity. I give her my highest recommendation.” Prudence Tippins, poet, teacher

“The Writer’s Consultation Circle has so many accessible layers conducive to my writing.  Being paired with a writing partner has urged me to keep moving forward with my book as we share pieces and offer general feedback to each other.  We also hold each other accountable for our daily writing practices.  The larger circle of participants provides an energy vital to the success of my writing pilgrimage.  Their collective stories and intentions create inspiration for my own stories and intention.  And Julie as the facilitator of this group awards me such a personal experience of the entire writing process.  With her intuitive teaching style and attention to both the individual and collective processes and journeys, I have experienced great leaps in my writer’s life.” ~Diane Ludeking

I joined Julie’s writing circle with a wisp of an idea and no book writing experience. Nine months later, I had completed manuscript. Julie lives the Writer’s Life. A gifted and generous teacher, she transmits what she has learned in her 25 years of writing and publishing to her clients and groups. Julie’s coaching and the atmosphere she created in the writing circle provided the perfect environment for my writing. I highly recommend Julie’s Writing Circles, Writers’ Days, and Writeshops.–Natalia Erehnah, author of Swan Mothers: Discovering Our True Selves by Parenting Uniquely Magnificent Children   www.swanmothers.com

“The feedback and guidance from Julie, as well as others in the writer’s consultation group, has helped me immensely.  I’ve found exposure to a broad spectrum of writers that enables me to see my own gifts in light of other’s, in a very focused, intentional, and supportive writing atmosphere.   The practical feedback she provides on my own writing, without which frankly I would be writing in the dark, has simply made me a better reader and a better writer.  The resource that is Julie’s knowledge and experience of the entire process of writing to publishing, as well as her deep understanding of what challenges the writer, has enabled me to create a writer’s life for myself, and to give life to the writing in me that for too long had been dormant.”–Rebecca C.

“Throughout the book are stories, discussions, and exercises, all aimed at showing us how, through the tool of journaling, we can gain a clear view of our past so that we see where we came from, how we got where we are today, and how we can stay on our individual paths for the future. This book is meant to tear away the illusion of what we are hungry for, and allow us to discover what the real thing is, and how we can get it for ourselves.” (Angelfire.com, April 2006)

Spiritual Journaling is “. . . written with the young adult in mind . . . . Its inventive, different journaling techniques use meditations, oracle consultation, visualization rituals and more to aid the writing process, providing a satisfying mix of new age technique and writing advice.”

(Diane Donovan, California Bookwatch)

“This is a powerful tool for awakening the imaginative voice in any young adult and helping them realize their very own creative potential, truly a priceless gift.”

(Vision Magazine, review on Spiritual Journaling)


Testimonies for The Wheel of Initiation: “For me the highest plane of creativity is found in one’s practice, and Julie offers the reader a real means to follow through on one’s creative and spiritual intentions. The read is straightforward and gratifying; the pilgrimage itself a worthwhile, even required engagement for the spiritual hero.” (Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art and The Legend of Bagger Vance )

“Wheel of Initiation combines wisdom and practices from multiple religions and belief systems, and it gleans valuable insights from a wide range of teachers. Stories of the author’s own initiation rituals and daily practices are combined with those from her students, people she has led in yearlong initiation circles. This book is both practical and inspiring, and deserves a wide readership.” (Meg Cox, ritual expert and author of The Book of New Family Traditions )

“Wheel of Initiation is a well-written guidebook for transformation and intentionally living life’s most profound questions. Drawing upon a wealth of ancient teachings and stories of awakening, Julie Tallard Johnson guides you on a pilgrimage toward spiritual growth, meaning, and wisdom. Anyone of any faith will greatly benefit from the timeless journey and practices offered in these wise and kind pages.” (Donald Altman, author of The Mindfulness Code, Living Kindness, and Meal by Meal )

“A useful and insightful guide to the purification and transformation of the bodymind, drawing upon the mandala wisdom of ancient indigenous traditions to create a practical alchemy of initiation and therapy for these modern times and our challenging ways of life.” (Peter Gold, author of Navajo and Tibetan Sacred Wisdom: The Circle of the Spirit )

“In her extraordinary new book, Wheel of Initiation, Julie Tallard Johnson gives ancient wisdom a contemporary and relevant new voice. While so many of us today anguish over the need to ‘find ourselves,’ Johnson adeptly points out that ‘everything in nature knows what to do with its life.’ Therefore, she says, our true task is to become who we already are and fulfill that destiny. To that end, Wheel of Initiation is an essential guide that can lead us back into the magnificence of our own inner realm.” (Dara Marks, PhD, author of Inside Story )

“The Wheel takes us out into the diverse directions of life/space. The Initiation leads us in, to the unifying point of source/center. This ceremony requires great courage, the courage to give yourself fully and SIMULTANEOUSLY to Father Sky and Mother Earth. The courage to let spirit tear you apart.” (Shinzen Young, author of The Science of Enlightenment ) “The Wheel of Initiation carries a powerful spirit of love and wisdom shared in an absolutely fresh, humble, and beautiful way. I was moved from the first words I read. It’s clear that Julie Tallard Johnson walks her talk.” (Tav Sparks, author of Movie Yoga and The Wide Open )

“Hang on, this could be a bumpy ride . . . because somewhere between the life you are experiencing and the life you dare to dream, hides a precious jewel waiting to be unearthed. With Julie’s patience, compassion, and wisdom you are respectfully guided and facilitated to journey into the Wheel of Initiation . . . to the places that scare you, but ultimately to the places that heal you. A highly recommended course to mend your soul.” (Amy Bendorf Schertz, MS, LMFT )

“Julie Tallard Johnson has once again given us a profound tool for self-exploration. The initiation processes, with Native American, Buddhist, and Christian teachings, were instrumental in bringing my power and wisdom to the surface. I have been able to integrate these teachings into my field of medicine. I believe the health of the individual and society benefits by the in-depth exploration of the self as promoted in the Wheel of Initiation.” (Mary Ellen Sabourin, M.D. )