Everything Is Waiting For You

MY QUINTESSENTIAL LESSON FOR MY WRITING STUDENTS IS THIS: STAY IN THE CONVERSATION. FROM THIS ADAGE I OFFER ESSENTIAL WRITING PROMPTS AND EXPLORATIONS TO HELP WRITERS STAY IN THE CONVERSATION WITH THEIR SUBJECT AND THEME. Presently a subject I am writng about is spiritual teachers and the theme is around what makes a good teacher. I carried this question as I went on my morning walk. On several walks this summer I noticed how a Blue Bunting sat on the top branch of a dead tree. I recalled how a friend of mine mentioned how it seemed that birds liked to occupy dead trees. From here i got … Continue reading

Are You A Tiger or a Fox?

“The modern dogma is comfort at any cost.” -Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac There are eleven pithy slogans that can be used as practice points and reminders of living the zero point agreement, which is to live life from your side; to live life from the inside-out.  These are not exhaustive or to be used as clubs. They are simply pointers, references to help in being the cause rather than the effect of our life. Each of these are brought out throughout the book, The Zero Point Agreement but can be more quickly referenced here. Pithy intentions, slogans, and principles can redirect the mind, in the … Continue reading

Getting Into It

I was a cat person, until I married Bill, who came with two dogs. Now I am a dog person. Soon after Lydia was born, and both Bill’s dogs had died (and my cat companion, Targhee), we decided to get another dog. (What child doesn’t want a dog?) Still not a full blown dog person, I had several rules: Dogs stay in the kennel or outside.  (I soon relinquished that rule and our dog Zafu lived in the house.) Dogs stay off the furniture.  (Well, our now blind dog Cookie has a favorite chair.) Dogs never, ever, ever sleep on the … Continue reading

Why Did the Chicken Cross The Road?

We have a few magnets on our refrigerator. Okay, more than a few. So, it took me a few days to discover the one my sister-in-law put on after house sitting: Another magnet asks: What Would the Buddha Do?   (What we choose for magnets and postings on our refrigerator does speak to our politics, leanings and causes. But this blog isn’t about what we post on our refrigerators–– or why.)       Questioning WHY the chicken crossed the road points to our attachment to a misguided question, at least off the page. In life when you ask WHY someone lost something, why they failed … Continue reading

The Writer Friendly Life

At last weeks Writers’ Institute I gave a short talk on how to be disciplined and inspired as a writer. I began my talk on how to make our life “writer friendly.” Really the entire thirty-minute talk got down to how we do this, –– how we can actually fulfill our writing dreams and intentions. Making our life writer friendly is the simplest part of the writer’s life. I said simple, not easy. So whose life is writer friendly? Yours. Mine. Every writers. The simplest way to have your life be one where you write is to write within the context … Continue reading

Why Write? Ask William Robichaud

All of us have or will be there–– we wrestle with whether or not we should keep writing. Here is one writer and poet, William Robichaud, answering this question for himself, and perhaps for all of us: I write so I don’t have to think about it anymore, and to think about it more.  I write to get things out of my head, get them archived onto paper, and thus free room in my mind to think about the next things. At the same time, the process of assembling my ideas and prejudices into a cohesive and cogent piece of writing … Continue reading

Writing is Good For Us

Writing is like stretching. It is a good thing to do and something we are naturally inclined to do. But as we get older we forget to stretch. This forgetting has consequences. If you want to write (like your body wants to stretch), then write. Resistance, doubts, fears, forgetfulness can stop us from writing. It is not a lack of talent that stops us––if you want to write this is reason enough. But, Who am I to write this book? What right do I have to share my story? Who cares? What difference will it make? You are a human being. You have … Continue reading

Writer as Rebel

Writers are Wizards of our own destiny. Writers are explorers of new frontiers. Writers are magicians and healers. Writers are poets and teachers. But mostly, we are Rebels. “Whether he is wealthy or poor, the Rebel is really an emperor because he has broken the chains of society’s repressive conditioning and opinions.” (OSHO Zen Tarot, The Rebel). We are rebels in our willingness to discover and explore the vast inner and outer landscapes of our lives. We are rebels in that we have dared to write our stories down. We are rebels because of our courage to take responsibility with our … Continue reading