“Mom, you won’t like the movie, there’s no story,” my daughter said to me when I wanted to go to one of the latest superhero movies. I love superhero stories. Believable ones. And the believable ones always have a great narrative. I use to tease my daughter that I was a superhero by day donning my cape while she was in school. But she too was the superhero navigating those hallways and dealing with certain unhappy teachers. In  Ruth Ozeki’s book, A Tale For The Time Being,  Zazen practice is referred to as a superpower. The ability to practice Zazen … Continue reading

Stealing Like An Artist, Isn’t Enough

One of the books I often recommend is Steal Like An Artist, by Austin Kleon. He stole the theme of his book from numerous authors and artists before him. All creative types know how to steal ideas from others. I have an entire section in my book, The Zero Point Agreement on “how to” steal like Picasso. “Bad artists copy; good artists steal.” –Pablo Picasso “A good composer does not imitate, he steals.”  –Igor Stravinsky “Genius borrows nobly.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson But stealing like an artist isn’t enough–– Write something worth stealing. (This is easier than it sounds.) Write your … Continue reading

Writer’s Yoga

Writing is like stretching. It is a good thing to do and something we are naturally inclined to do. But we tend to forget to stretch. This forgetting has consequences. If you want to write (like your body wants to stretch), then write. Resistance, doubts, fears, forgetfulness can stop us from writing. It is not a lack of talent that stops us––if you want to write this is reason enough.  But, Who are you to write this book? What right do you have to share your story? Who cares? You are a human being. You have a desire to stretch … Continue reading

Write the Truth

In the old television show Dragnet, Sergeant Joe Friday’s catchphrase was, “Just the facts, ma’am.” But what he got was some version of the truth. Don’t even try to write “just” facts. Facts by themselves are boring. The sky was blue. That is a fact. She shot him in the head. That is a fact. Boring to read. No story. No truth. Write the truth. And in writing the truth you write a story. In every form of writing it gets down to telling a good story. Good stories are full of relative and universal truths. The sky wasn’t blue … Continue reading

Here It Is

Welcome to the launch of ALL WRITE WEDNESDAY: “WORLD INTO WORD” BLOG Writing is a big part of my life. I began writing in a journal at the age of sixteen and my first book, Hidden Victims/Hidden Healers, was published in 1989 (and self-published subsequent to 1995). I went on to write three award-winning books for teens, including my first spiritual book for young adults, The Thundering Years, which contained a message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. That book also launched the genesis of a new imprint, Bindu Books, at Inner Traditions International, the publishing company that publishes many of … Continue reading

Unveiling The Story

This next series of my blogs will be on Spiritual Journaling and Creative Writing to accompany my class–  Spiritual Journaling: Writing Your Way to Enlightenment. The practice of journal writing for me has always strengthened my spiritual practice and improved my writing practice. For me the two paths are synonymous, hence, Spiritual Journaling. “Writing above all, is seeing clearly.”  Peter Mathiessen, Letters from the Wild You are welcome to join me and take your own pilgrimage using your journaling as a means to travel. Let’s begin with searching for a story. How willing are you to pay attention until the plot of the … Continue reading