Something Missing?

Something missing in your writing experience or writing project? Are you finding it difficult to stay with an idea or to follow-through on a project? Do you sense an internal divide? Are you experiencing a lack of intimacy with the world around you? I am. I fear our attachment to the web creates a bigger divide between us and the natural world, each other, and to our creative potential. The internet can be an impressive tool for research, communication, and getting news. For the writer the internet can be an optimal way to research books, ideas, find publishers, as well … Continue reading


“Mom, you won’t like the movie, there’s no story,” my daughter said to me when I wanted to go to one of the latest superhero movies. I love superhero stories. Believable ones. And the believable ones always have a great narrative. I use to tease my daughter that I was a superhero by day donning my cape while she was in school. But she too was the superhero navigating those hallways and dealing with certain unhappy teachers. In  Ruth Ozeki’s book, A Tale For The Time Being,  Zazen practice is referred to as a superpower. The ability to practice Zazen … Continue reading

Don’t Know

I start this blog with not knowing what to write about today. So let me begin with inviting you to my final open writers day for 2014: Friday October 10th.  This “final invite” for the year reminds me of my recent visit to Minneapolis with my daughter of seventeen. Over the years we would spend long weekends visiting friends in the Twin Cities. I wanted to stay with our friend (and Lydia’s spiritual grandmother, Shannon) this last summer of Lydia’s high school years. I wanted to sleep on Shannon’s couch that turns into a round bed. Lydia and I have slept … Continue reading

What’s Next and Turning Back

In late October my writing partner and I went away for a needed “fiction” writing retreat. I emphasize fiction because the writing momentum for my novel had nearly come to a screeching halt. Actually, it was more of a halt without the screech. I had gotten busy with editing my latest release The Zero Point Agreement: How To Be Who You Already Are.    (Available now!) So this blog is about opening up to the what’s next. But it is also about the value of turning back. How many times have you been on a trip, or on holiday and … Continue reading

The Meaning Maker

“Ultimately, no human being can find genuine meaning in her life merely by accepting the meaning handed down from those who have gone before. Personal meaning must be created, not accepted, and the process of creating it requires testing and experimentation. A false self will neither test nor experiment; it is a defense against experimenting.”  James F. Masterson, M.D. The Search for the Real Self When life offers us meaningful or even mystical experiences we often tend to seek other’s help to interpret and understand it. However, since the experience is in the context of your life it is important … Continue reading