Gathering Together, Peaceful Demonstration & Skillful Means

“Among animals, it’s eat or be eaten. Among humans, it’s define or be defined.”  –Thomas Szasz   I am offering a free night of meditation and skillful means: Peaceful Demonstration through Meditation & Skillful Means There are ways to hold space for our self and others so that we are not swept away from external negativity. We can make a difference, every day of our life, and we can build on the skillful means and wisdom that we all hold within ourselves. PEACEFULLY DEMONSTRATE your True Nature, touch the heart of reality through meditation and through daily practices of skillful means. I will be offering … Continue reading

Right Words, Thank You Claudia Schmidt

You can’t pray for light and curse the dark, they’ve been lovers for a long, long time. – “Bend In the River” by Claudia Schmidt The right words at the right time can change the course of a life. This has been true for me. But it is not just great teachers like His Holiness the Dalai Lama who helped me “turn my craft around” at times I needed a redirect. Lyrics, set to a melody, have been the tap on the shoulder (or whack to the head) that have made all the difference. When I lived in Minneapolis (1982 … Continue reading