Don’t Cling to the Raft

“To call something ‘a fundamental principle of Buddhism’ is only correct if, first, it is a principle that aims at the quenching of dukkha (pain, misery, suffering) and, second, it has a logic that one can see for oneself without having to believe others.”–Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree Last night, the eve before this new year, I wondered why I vacillate in my commitment to my spiritual practices. How is it after so many years of study and practice I get caught up in some concern or behavior that results in more suffering? How after been given so many spiritual teachings that, at … Continue reading

Gathering Together

“Our power as individuals is multiplied when we gather together as families, groups, and communities with common goals. It is our collective strength that makes positive change possible in the world.”  –Brain Browne Walker, Hexagram #45, Gathering Together As writers we need our tribe to support us in living a creative life. As authors we need our reader tribe. We are not in this alone, even though as we type away at a story or blog we do so on our own. I offer writing and Zero Point circles because everything wants to be round and in relationship. Everything comes … Continue reading

Nature’s Way

“The motion of nature is cyclic and returning.”  (Tao Te Ching, verse 40). One of the 11 principles of the zero point agreement is to rely on nature. Nature can show us the way. We can look to nature to help us with our writing. Nature can guide us in what we write and how we write. Nature is an ideal companion. Simply placing our attention on nature––how the light forms around the room, where the moon is in the sky, the changes of a favored tree through the seasons–will ground and inspire us. The law of attraction is a … Continue reading