FREEDOM Right In On Time

It’s freedom we truly want. And fear. Freedom from attachment, freedom from anxiety, freedom from bad relationships, freedom from our habitual and negative states. We want freedom to create, to love, to speak up, and to be ourselves. We were born free. Yet, dependent. Those who raised us either trained us toward freedom or toward an increased dependency on establishing our worth and self-hood on outward validation. We all experience suffering; this is the core teachings of the Buddha: We suffer but there is freedom from suffering. (The Four Noble Truths). We have the capacity to bring forth lasting states … Continue reading

US: Exceptional but not The Exception

“We may be exceptional, but we are not exceptions.” This above insight was shared with me recently by a friend. At the time I felt I was having an exceptional experience. And it was. Exceptional. But this in no way made me, or others involved exceptions. What does this mean? It means we are not special in a way that sets us apart from others or the natural world. We are all bound by natural (nature’s) laws, and ideally, we are internally directed by ethical boundaries and spiritual principles that remind us of this interconnectedness. Whatever this exceptional experience is—some … Continue reading

What’s Your Genre?

When someone asks, “What’s new?” my mind empties out. “Why, everything is new,” I might say when I feel a tinge smug after a long morning meditation. “Nothing comes to mind,” I might say when the truth is on the surface and I hope to get out of this particular conversation. What’s new is up there with, “What do you do?” People who don’t know me ask this question. And what am I to say? Give them my list of “jobs,” the present windmill I am chasing, or the book I am working on? I usually spit out something like, … Continue reading