The Possibility of Doubt and Uncertainty

The Ship’s Captain and the Ogress The ogress warns the captain never even to look, let alone venture, to the south of her island. This admonition arouses his doubt and uncertainty about what he is being told. He becomes curious, so, one day he evades her watchful eyes and steals away to explore. There in the south, he finds the king of horses, Balahaka, who will carry you away across the ocean to safety on the other shore if you hold on to even one hair of his mane. And so the captain escaped from the island on which he had been held prisoner.      … Continue reading

Here: What’s Truly Possible

Is what you want possible? In any given situation what is truly possible? I use to say that my therapist saved my life. Now I understand, he helped me to see life through the lens of possibility. Possibility is a powerful energy. When we experience something as possible, or see the possibilities inherent in a situation, doors open. And they open wide. It can be a bit of a chicken and egg thing – we explore something, experience some positive results and then witness what is possible for us. But to even explore something we have to know, if even … Continue reading