Einstein Had A Day Job

Once Einstein graduated from college, unable to land a teaching position, he got a day job. By then he had developed a deep curiosity about the mysteries of life and no matter what he was up to, kept a conversation going with the questions he held about these mysteries.  He explored mathematics, inquired about how things worked, all which resulted in ideas and then of course, discoveries. “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” —Albert Einstein — To Carl Seelig – March 11,1952.  We start with a curiosity about some dream or question we have, we hold a … Continue reading

Dreaming Awake by Laurel Reinhardt, Ph.D.

“Dreaming Awake,” is written by my friend, and dream partner Laurel Reinhardt.  First a few words from me. I have been behind on my weekly Blog busy finishing up my manuscript on spiritual initiation. Mostly, it has been bliss. I so love the writer’s life. As I write this book I notice that throughout one’s personal initiation process dreams play a prominent part.  Dreams also show us ways to tap into our intuitive nature and live a more symbolically enriched life. Laurel visited us a few weeks back and invited us to interact more consciously and purposefully with our dreams … Continue reading