Gathering Together

“Our power as individuals is multiplied when we gather together as families, groups, and communities with common goals. It is our collective strength that makes positive change possible in the world.”  –Brain Browne Walker, Hexagram #45, Gathering Together As writers we need our tribe to support us in living a creative life. As authors we need our reader tribe. We are not in this alone, even though as we type away at a story or blog we do so on our own. I offer writing and Zero Point circles because everything wants to be round and in relationship. Everything comes … Continue reading

A Skeptic Awakening at the Foot of One Sage, 2.

This is the next piece in the Venerable Geshe Lhundub Sopa’s introductory teachings, the “lessons before the lessons.” We are still on the verse taken from Nagarjuna, Letters to a Friend. After his teaching, I offer up a commentary, along with some exercises.  Whosoever was negligent previously But later became attentive and careful, Shines forth like the moon freed from clouds, Just like Nanda, Angulimala, Ajustastru, and Udayana  —Nagarjuna, Letters to a Friend, Verse 14 (Leslie Kawanura)   Making Use of Your Basic Intelligence Most of us have the opportunity for liberation because, unlike all other sentient beings, we humans have … Continue reading

Living A Principled Life

His Holiness of course was generous in his teaching making the Heart Sutra accessible to all those who attended the teachings this May in Indiana. His introduction included emphasis on applying ourselves and studying the Dharma. And he concluded with a reminder to study, to access Wisdom through reading and studying. He reminded us how the Buddha discouraged people to simply follow him and instead emphasized the importance of everyone generating a mind and heart of compassion and enlightenment. “The Buddha can only show you the path but cannot do it for you. Liberation lies in your own hands,” the Dalai … Continue reading