Spiritual Healing & The Shaman’s Body

  The mind, the breath and uplifting emotional states such as acceptance and compassion are powerful tools of healing. We can engage the energy body through breath, meditations and personal body rituals that wake up our own shaman’s body.     Fall is the transition time when the body is more vulnerable and often stressed than any other season. Fall is a good time to do a light seasonal cleanse. This is a good time to prepare for the winter season. It is always a “good time of year” to spend some time outdoors in the natural light. Also: Stay warm, … Continue reading

The Inner Healer

“Illness is made from negative emotions frozen by time and bad habits.” –Letha Hadady, D. AC., taken from Asian Heath Secrets “Your choices make you Gods.” There is a Healer in each of us. Journal writing exercises, mindfulness meditations, visualization practices and exercise all get us in touch with the Healer Within. Last week we focused on slowing down enough to listen. When we take the time to listen we are open to a more enlightened choice in the moment.  The food we choose to eat directly impacts our mental, spiritual and physical health. As we cleanse ourselves of poor … Continue reading