Talk To Me: Family Gatherings & Sacred Dialogue

Many of us will gather with family this week. Artful conversation with our self and others can make for a safe and uplifting experience even in the more edgy encounters. Here I share with you an excerpt from my book, The Zero Point Agreement on sacred dialogue. It’s the stories we tell and the conversations we hold, and how we hold them, that determine our experiences of each other. In each conversation we hold with someone there is a story being told. When we let our conversations be more an exchange of stories rather than of ideas–something beautiful happens. “Everybody … Continue reading

Healing the Divide through Narrative Medicine

“There is perhaps apocryphal story that Dale Carnegie related about Abraham Lincoln. One of Lincoln’s advisors was recommending a man for inclusion in his cabinet, and Lincoln said no. “I don’t like his face.” Lincoln reportedly said. Horrified, his advisor said, “But he’s not responsible for his face!” Lincoln replied. “Every man over forty is responsible for his face!” Lincoln understood that over the course of our lives, we create and recreate ourselves in a way consistent with our stories about ourselves and the world around us.” ­– Thom Hartman, Taken from Lewis Mehl-Madrona’s foreword to Narrative Medicine: The Use … Continue reading