Not Getting All Caught Up

  It is so important that we learn to trust our experiences while at the same time not get caught up in them. We do get to have this human experience with all the emotional, physical and psychological phenomena. It is when we get caught up in our experiences and come to believe, “This is me,” or “This is it,” that we become attached to certain experiences and emotional states and then consequently we suffer. Through the cultivation of attention and other mindfulness practices we come to be more the witness of our life, — when we witness sadness or … Continue reading

Our Search for Happiness

I call upon the natural world and sciences to demonstrate skillful means when helping others decrease suffering and strengthen their well-being. Nature and science often point to the problem and to its neighboring solution. My husband is a wildlife biologist so the natural world and related sciences have become more available to me. I consider myself a true novice in these areas but a willing student. The other day I talked to him about how much energy, time and money people put into searching for happiness. I knew he would respond with some link between this phenomenon and the natural … Continue reading

Traveling Feast

Bonjour from Montreal, Canada. We have done a lot of walking while here in Montreal. And even our visit to the nearby Granby Zoo had us walking several miles to view all the animals. Bringing the right shoes helped a lot but I found having a good mind set to be just as valuable. As I move among the crowds here, whether it be in the metro or on the street, I find myself easily lost in thought rather than mindful and present. I notice how so much around us is about food and body image — restaurants, advertisements, weight … Continue reading