Writing Lies that Tell the Truth

My first, and still a favorite book of mine on the writing craft is John Dufresne‘s book, The Lie That Tells The Truth: A Guide to Writing Fiction. It happens to be a resourceful “self-help” book for all writers as well. John, I am excited to say, will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Writer’s Institute at the UW-Madison, where I will be teaching and offering critique for writers. “When a story is based on autobiographical material there is a tendency to be slavish to the facts. You write a scene because ‘that’s the way it happened.’ Well, we don’t care … Continue reading

Don’t Know

I start this blog with not knowing what to write about today. So let me begin with inviting you to my final open writers day for 2014: Friday October 10th.  This “final invite” for the year reminds me of my recent visit to Minneapolis with my daughter of seventeen. Over the years we would spend long weekends visiting friends in the Twin Cities. I wanted to stay with our friend (and Lydia’s spiritual grandmother, Shannon) this last summer of Lydia’s high school years. I wanted to sleep on Shannon’s couch that turns into a round bed. Lydia and I have slept … Continue reading

Here, Take This Gift of Relationship

Mutual influence is the fundamental foundation, the hallmark, of a healthy, dynamic relationship and each conversation within our relationships. Marriages, friendships, work relationships are all dependent upon this quality. In its highest expression, mutual influence depends on both participants being ethical, truthful, and open. A willingness to be influenced is dependent upon a vulnerability and curiosity toward the other, a genuine motivation to understand the other and then be influenced by what the other has to say—give and take, a back and forth. Read more at:  Is Your Boss A High Function Sociopath? Here, take this gift, I was reserving it for … Continue reading

Winter Writing

 Freedom involves making decisions, and each decision is a destiny decision.- Joseph Campbell   What do a snowstorm, winter prairie, prayer flags, frozen seeds and enlightenment have in common?   Well, being a meaning-maker, I decide that. Oh how I love the writer’s life, I can take and make meaning of everything!  As the spiritual practitioner I am also the meaning maker but use sacred texts as a skillful means to make meaning of my encounters and experiences. After all, awakened Beings have gone before me and traversed the difficulties and distractions leaving behind many maps for me to use.   So my … Continue reading