Creating Conditions for Enlightenment


A friend recently asked me whether I thought that the chance for enlightenment only comes once — if I thought I might miss my one chance to enlightenment if I was at the time distracted (like with alcohol). What I know is that “enlightenment” is right there all the time next to me, right now, always. Or better described as within me. It is my responsibility to set up the conditions for it. Just like a seed holds within its full awakening to its greatest potential; I too hold this within me. So drinking alcohol (for me) hinders my chance of fully blooming because the conditions at the moment are not correct. There are of course other dynamics that hinder enlightenment or the full realization of our potential — habitual states, anger, over eating, jealousy, various states of resistance, etc. etc. etc.


My intentions and spiritual aspirations reflect how I am willing to do whatever it takes to help fulfill the realty of my birth — my full awakening.


Spiritual Journaling, spending time in nature, meditation and consulting the I Ching are central for my creating the conditions that set up a perfect environment (internally and externally) for my full awakening.


What potentials may lay latent in you? What conditions do you need to create in order to help fulfill the prophecy of your existence? Everything in nature, given the right conditions will fulfill its destiny. As human beings we have the added benefit of creating the right conditions if we find ourselves in a hostile mindset or environments that would not allow us to achieve our fullest potential. (Of course we are also burdened with various states that inhibit this full realization.)


But whiners lose the opportunity latent in any moment to move toward or achieve full awakening. Complaining about the difficulty only strengthens its power to stop you. Instead, we use the difficulty to move us forward and to open us up completely. (In the writer’s life I can always use the difficulty for material in a book or Blog).


I know our fullest potential includes unique and special gifts. We don’t all blossom into the same flower or tree. Whereas enlightenment has some universal elements, there is fortunately a great diversity of gifts to be expressed. This makes the journey interesting and the result magnificent in its beauty. A fully awakened plant is radiant; a fully awakened human being is also beautiful and unique. There are many ways to enlightenment and there are many colorful expressions of enlightenment.


I know most of us have glimpses into this pure and radiant state of being. This helps us keep going and hold to our hearts and minds a willingness to do what it takes to fully awaken. To fully flower.


I use my spiritual journaling on a daily basis to help create the inner and outer conditions of an awakened life. Since we are all unique yet bound to each other, there are universal techniques that help create the correct conditions. Of course the actual process and “result” will be uniquely yours. In this series of Blogs I will give a variety of practices and writing prompts to ignite your potential and to help you create the conditions for your full awakening.


Creating the Conditions for Full Awakening 

  1. Create an intention for your journaling practice. What would you like to bring to full blossom?
  2. Write about what your life will be like, look like, and feel like as you fulfill this intention.
  3. Find a place in nature you can return to on a regular basis. A tree to sit next to. Take your journal and listen to all the sounds of nature. Record the sounds you hear. Name what you can or just record, “something thumping,” “a bird singing.”
  4. Write about a seed and all that it holds within it. Choose a particular seed and write about the specific and diverse conditions that are necessary for its full blossoming.
  5. Write about what conditions are necessary for you to awaken to your potential. You can focus on what is needed right now to help you move toward full awakening. A friend of mine once realized that her marriage created conditions that were not conducive to her full awakening. She then had to decide where her energy was going to go – helping to transform the marriage or leave the marriage. Fifteen years later she is a well-known author and happily married to the same man.
  6. Write about the color green using the following words:  chance, fault, pilgrimage, tremble, certain.
  7. Practice journaling every day around your intention and how you are going to create the conditions this day to help fulfill this.
  8. Find another story in your life but this time from an elder in your life. Collect a family story. (Last Blog you began searching for stories). If you don’t have an elder, then go find one in your community and retrieve a story. I have two retirement homes here in my community; a plethora of stories await me.
  9. Now take the sounds you heard in nature and write about overcoming an obstacle using these sounds.
  10.  Stop complaining and get to work.
  11. I recommend you purchase my book: Spiritual Journaling: Writing Your Way to Independence and Steven Pressfield’s book, The War of Art. —


 “ Self-doubt can be an ally. This is because it serves as an indicator of aspiration. It reflects love, love of something we dream of doing, and desire, desire to do it. If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), “Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?” chances are you are.


The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death. “  Steven Pressfield taken from his book The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle


You may also go to Pressfields Weds Blog for more on moving through states of resistance into the creative life.


“ Spirit talks to us continually, in dreams, through the melodic sounds of a stream, through deaths and illnesses, and all the dressing and undressing of the seasons. Still, we are often oblivious of its hum, wrapped as we are in a shroud of self-preoccupations–worries, rears, angers, jealousies, and other catastrophes. Yet, like an injury that hunts our old age or a fierce storm that changes the landscape in an instant, spirit illuminates the world in surprising ways. We all have those turning points in our lives–either fully recognized in the moment or traced through hindsight–that spin us in a new direction.”  John Kain, taken from his book, A Rare And Precious Thing: The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Working with a Spiritual Teacher.


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