Discover What Is Truly Possible

Art by Geri Schrab

Art by Geri Schrab

My father was a traveling salesman throughout most of my childhood. He sold packaging products to small local cheese factories throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. This was a face-to-face affair. There were no scams or virtual exchanges in the mix. And he loved the sale. The “wealth” for him was in making the contact and in a successful sale. He did well and at some point expanded into his own company where he had others working for him. Even then he kept traveling to sell his products face-to-face. This made him a weekend father at best, which was typical back then for many working parents. My father had two axioms he swore by (and as far as I could tell, lived by): Everyone is selling something, and, Do your cold calls on Friday afternoons because most of the other salesmen have taken off early for a weekend to golf. For my father the latter proved your dedication (and work ethic) to your prospecting clients, while the former simply stated a truism.

I understand this blog and my work in the world as part of my sales pitch to you on the benefits of inner work. I hope to “sell you” on the advantages of living life from the inside out; from your side (the zero point agreement), to keeping hold of your true self through writing, and gathering together with like minded souls to explore our possibilities. I want to successfully pitch to you the tangible rewards of bringing a continued curiosity to your life’s journey and experiences. The benefits you will accrue will extend way beyond yourself, into every encounter and community you are a part of. Guaranteed. An inclination to explore (to hold the beginner’s mind) will lead you to your own personal experiences and conclusions. Each of us can have a deeply personal and relevant spiritual awakening each time we explore a teaching or idea for ourselves. Writing and various ways to explore our lives gives us a mirror to our life, so we can discover more of who we are, and who we are not.

“When I was living my outer life at great remove from inner truth, I was not merely on the wrong path: I was killing my selfhood with every step I took.” (Parker J Palmer, Hidden Wholeness)

I want to invite you to explore with me and others through a year-long adventure of exploration. . .

51YWbqNpxML._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The Courage to Be Yourself: The Zero Point Circle facilitated by me, Julie Tallard Johnson


The circle begins SEPTEMBER 13th, 2017  in VIROQUA Wisconsin. Bring forth your greatest potential through personal and collective explorations.


Increase your creative and spiritual capacity in the setting of a dynamic circle lead by me, a seasoned facilitator and counselor. This process offers you a psychology of awakening. We will use the Zero Point Agreement: How To Be Who You Already Are (book) as a template to explore all your possibilities. This is about awakening to your fullest potential within the context of your life, now. The zero point is based on The Heart Sutra, core teachings of Parker J. Palmer & His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Lojong Principles, and David Bohm’s Dialogue.


Apply simple, personalized transformative practices as the 3 R’s: where you Recognize Reality; become Receptive through activation of principles and Receive in abundance. Unite in circle to explore:
  • The 11 core principles of the zero point agreement
  • The wish fulfilling mandala
  • Direct spiritual experience
  • Strengthening personal and vocational relationships
  • The Heart sutra and creative manifestation
  • Meditation and intention
  • Reframing and remything our lives!
GREAT FOR THOSE IN THE HELPING PROFESSIONS and for those who want to go on to facilitate transpersonal circles of trust. We explore many ways to hold circles that encourage personal and collective integrity.Emphasis is on transforming our outer world through awakening the inner potentials of each participant. Circle is limited to 12.


 The circle will be held TWICE A MONTH on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday night (except holidays). Commitment to the entire series is expected. 6 till 9 pm.  Our circle completes in September, 2018.


For more information, to sign up, contact me at: • 608-963-0724



“In this beautiful book, Julie Tallard Johnson—a gifted teacher and writer—brings fresh insight to an ancient truth: each of us must live from the inside out. This book, the Zero Point Agreement—full of resources that range from heart-deep insight to helpful practical exercises—can help us reclaim the treasure-trove of our own experience and being.” –Parker J. Palmer, author of A Hidden Wholeness,  Healing the Heart of Democracy,Let Your Life Speak, and The Courage to Teach

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