Don’t Be So Predictable

I recite my intentions each day to bring my mind and life in alignment with there meaning. I rely on my spiritual principles to deal with difficulty so I don’t add to the drama or suffering around me.

My intentions give me the energy and ability to focus on how I can benefit others and myself. Less energy goes into wondering who I am, what should I do with myself today? And they direct my energy to certain points of creativity rather than having it dispersed or wasted.

My spiritual principles are there so I don’t drown in confusion, doubt, fear, or die on the vine in a state of resistance. My principles give me a means to respond to my life’s circumstances with integrity. This way I don’t strengthen a habitual response but open myself up more to the Mystery of Being (the mystery inherent in each moment).

My core intentions at this time in my life:

I attain the body, mind and speech of awakening through the power of my efforts.

I live in ways that benefit others.

I benefit others and myself through my writer’s life (my books).

I realize the true nature of mind.

My spiritual principles are from the Lojong path. There are 59 pithy slogans to choose from. I keep at least 12 handy in my back pocket. Each morning I focus on one in my meditation and reflect on that throughout the day. It often is the reason I handle a difficult situation with sanity.

Today’s slogan is: Don’t be so predictable.

Oh this is a good one, eh!? Means not to be so habitual, so ready to avoid what you don’t like or grab at what you like. For me it means to challenge the daily grove I may put myself in when encountering others. Opens me up to something new. It may cause some discomfort but may also bring in something that I would otherwise have missed.

If you are going through the Wheel of Initiation a part of your personal journey is choosing your principles. (Your entire pilgrimage is dependent upon your initiatory intention).

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