Eight Principles of Vibrant Health and the Four Reminders

We are coming to a close of our five-month journey of spiritual journaling our way to health and weight loss. We have come to find together that a more natural state of physical health is dependent on our state of mind, and our willingness to push through some habitual states. It isn’t really about the weight loss of pounds but that which weighs us down – – negative states, inactivity, habitual behaviors, obsession with our bodies, judgment of our bodies, fear and resistance. It is ultimately pushing through the weight of these that lightens up our mind, soul and body.

It takes sweat and tears and support to push through all that weighs us down and a willingness to recommit to an active life. Fortunately when we keep taking that one step forward, small as it may be, progress is made. Maybe just today I will eat mindfully, chewing each bite 25 times before I swallow. Maybe just today I will get out and walk. Just for today I will pack a healthy, tasty lunch and save money and pounds. 

‘Freedom involves decisions, and each decision is a destiny decision.” ­–Joseph Campbell

I leave you with THE EIGHT PRINCIPLES OF VIBRANT HEALTH and the four reminders.

 Next, here in this Blog and in my Spiritual Journaling class I will be focused on intuitive development, writing and creativity. Join me here or at Healing Services Overlooking the River in Prairie Du Sac on another journey.  Most Monday’s I will have a new post about psychic development, writing and creativity. If you want to get an announcement of the Blog, please ask to be put on my Blog email list. If you are interested in this next Spiritual Journaling class, see below. 

Again, thank you. 

The Eight Principles of Vibrant Health

1.  Mindful eating/living. Chewing our food slowly. Preparing our food with attention. Every part of the eating process slowed down. Use journaling as a way to maintain awareness around your habits and strengths.

2.  Intentional living. Hold conscious intentions in mind. Live an intentioned driven life. Write out your intentions and script around them.

3.  Physically active life. Keep moving, stay active. This includes your physical body as well as your creative life.

4.  Freedom from habitual states. We discover this through knowing our pain stories and rewriting our life to be in alignment with our intentions and principles.

5.  Acceptance  “We discover that as long as there is any part of our self we’re not accepting, we’re not going to let go of hell and penetrate through all the phenomenon that hypnotize us with pleasure and pain–all the thoughts of self, all the identification with the body and perceptions and states of consciousness.” Stephen Levin, taken from A Gradual Awakening.  Wake up to your true nature through acceptance and compassion.

6.  Recognizing that our relationship to food is central to our spiritual path. As Lama Surya Das reminds us, – – how, when and what we eat is central to our spiritual practice. Know that as you practice mindful eating and other conscious practices with food, you are engaged in a spiritual practice. 

7.  A healthy, vibrant life style is connected to the natural world. You spend at least 15 minutes a day in natural light. Your body is tuned into the natural rhymes of the seasons by how you live. This includes the practice of ritual. Of recognizing that everything is alive and interconnected.

8.  Listening to the body (not using a scale, not giving into emotional eating as best you can). The body knows. Trusting the voice of the body and taking the time to listen to her.



Small matters

Do your best


When stuck, serve someone else.


“Ritual introduces you to the meaning of what’s going on.

Saying grace before meals

lets you know that you’re about to eat

something that once was alive.”  Joseph Campbell

For Now Try This

Review all the notes and journal writing you did through out the five months. What practices do you find most helpful? Where did you get most stuck? What are your strongest habitual patterns? What are your greatest strengths? Take time to journal your responses.

Mark off 30 days on your calendar.   I used a yellow highlighter. 

For thirty days commit to the following: 

Choose one physical habit to fast from for thirty days. Can be a food or food related.  I am fasting from the habit (and trigger food) of chips.

Choose one conscious action (related to your physical well-being) you are going to engage in each day for 30 days. I am choosing to do power walking for an hour each day.

Choose one other habit to fast from for thirty days, this habit clearly interferes with your creative, spiritual life.    I choose to fast from watching reruns at night.

Choose one food related behavior that enhances your health to practice for thirty days.  We all drink the juice and flax seed in the morning. I choose to my last meal by 5:30 pm.  

Choose one conscious action to take everyday that opens up more of your creativity/spirituality.       I choose to rise by 5 am to write or meditate before my daughter gets up.

I am already engaged in walking the spiral each morning after my daughter gets on the bus. This has now become habitual. May all that is good for us become habitual. I have given up wheat and gluten, as my body feels so much happier and healthier without it. This is a clear and easy choice on my part. May all our choices that lead to our health be clear and easy. 

Give yourself some time to acknowledge in your journal the above commitment. Commit to yourself in writing. 

“This farewell comes from a forgiving leaf

that skipped with the others and then found

a lucky storm that brought me here. Listen –

hold on as long as you can, then thrust forth;

            make truth your home.” 

                                                            –William Stafford




A Spiritual Journaling Class for Writer’s, Artists and Spiritual Travelers.

The Gift You Were Born With – – Spiritual Journaling and Living the Fully Engaged and Intuitive Life.


“Every human being is born with some sort of gift, an inclination or an instinct that can become a full-blown mastery.”  Parker Palmer, from The Active Life.


This October I am offering my next series on Spiritual Journaling where you will engage the active life through the power of your intuition to create and manifest what is inherently yours. Begins October 13th at Healing Services Overlooking the River in Prairie du Sac.


Living life intuitively and engaged takes dedication and sweat, and usually a supporting cast.


This course will bring forth your inherent gifts of intuition, creative expression and imagining.


I discovered in my writer’s life the principles and practices that apply here also apply in my spiritual life: – – Keep (the pen) moving, don’t think, observe everything, be impeccable with your word, be a witness to your life, listen, breath, write it all down, don’t worry about what other’s will think or say, break free from habitual states, express yourself, appreciate the artist in everyone, trust, focus on internals rather than externals, challenge assumptions, compassionate inquiry will answer all your questions, be honest, don’t hesitate, tell your stories,  and so forth. In my spiritual journaling classes I use a diverse array of practices to move you along on your creative, spiritual path. (If you have taken a previous class of mine, there will be new material, focusing on psychic development and writing). 


Presently I am completing my book on Initiation, due out in 2009. I am also writing on my fiction, which I intend to complete by next spring. I was fortunate enough to be asked to write an adult version of Teen Psychic and will be completing this in 2009 as well. I do live the abundant writer’s life and would love to share my capacity to manifest with you. This class will generate the desired movement you crave in your creative life. Every book I write, every poem I create, and every new word I learn is part of my ever-evolving spiritual path. My writer’s life engages the spiritual path and strengthens my psychic abilities. I see and experience my life through the eyes of a writer – and of a practicing bodhisattva. They both offer the means to wake me up fully and bring forth all the gifts I was born with. This is true for you as well.



This is a commitment to your creative, intuitive life. I am limiting this group to 10, so as to be able to focus on helping each one of you generate the desired movement with your spiritual and creative intentions.


As a way to honor and complete this course you will offer a presentation of your work to publishers, our communities or/and to friends. (Breath! This is a vital practice of a writer’s path and of any spiritual, creative life – to have it interface and influence our communities). Many writers and artists are stuck in the “creativity” phase and haven’t experienced manifestation as a result of their work. Through this course you will experience manifestation of your creative and spiritual intentions.


“In fact, anybody who is really awake has a very definite sense of themselves. Look at Jesus, He would go around and say, ‘I’m the Son of God.’” –Adyashanti, taken from The Impact of Awakening


We will meet three Monday evenings of each month, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th for 9 months, 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Our first session begins the 2nd Monday in October. It goes from October 13th till June 22nd.  The cost of the class is $30 per evening. Please send a deposit of $90 for the first month to PO Box 186 Spring Green, WI 53588. Scholarships are available, just ask.


Suggested reading: The Active Life: A Spirituality of Work, Creativity, and Caring by Parker J. Palmer. During the course I will recommend Steven Pressfield’s book, The War of Art.


“Spirit speaks to us continually, in dreams, through the melodic sounds of a stream, through deaths and illnesses, and all the dressing and undressing of the seasons. Still, we are often oblivious of its hum, wrapped as we are in a shroud of self-occupation­–worries, fears, angers, jealousies, and other catastrophes. Yet, like a youthful injury that haunts our old age or a fierce storm that changes the landscape in an instant, spirit illuminates the world in surprising ways. We all have those turning pointes in our lives­–either fully recognized in the moment or traced through hindsight–that spin us in a new direction.”  John Kain, taken from A Rare And Precious Thing. 


Namaste, Julie Tallard Johnson, MSW, LCSW

Thundering Clouds Consulting and Counseling, LLC

Healing Services Overlooking the River



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