Geshe Sopa Rinpoche, very precious guru, and great spiritual friend and guide entered into clear light meditation

Geshe Sopa Rinpoche passed into the clear light on Thursday August 28th. In respect to his work and teachings I am re-bloging a few articles I wrote where I share some of his Introductory teachings at Deer Park. I feel this great loss, but his legacy remains in his students, books and our hearts.

I have had the fortunate blessing to receive teachings and empowerments from the venerable Geshe Lhundub Sopa. I was deeply inspired by Geshe L. Sopa’s introductory teachings. I admit that these “lessons before the lessons” often held more meaning to me than the primary teachings. I was able then, and now, to use these teachings in a more practiced way, integrating them into my daily life.

I am not a scholar or academic of Buddhist philosophy or texts. I listen to the teachings, take notes, make meaning from what I hear and then practice the principles offered to me through my understanding.

These translations of five introductory teachings were reviewed and discussed with the Venerable Geshe L. Sopa himself. This being said, this is my interpretation of what I heard and understood. However these are not my words or message; I did my best to lift his words and meaning from his introductory teachings, our conversations and his books.

So, here is the first “lesson before the lesson.” 

Seed for Future Lives and The Motivation to Practice, taken on: 08-28-2005 by Venerable Geshe Sopa Rinopoche (Geshe L. Sopa had asked that I begin with this teaching).

Whosoever was negligent previously

But later became attentive and careful,

Shines forth like the moon freed from clouds,

Just like Nanda, Angulimala, Ajustastru, and Udayana 

                                                            —Nagarjuna, Letters to a Friend, Verse 14 (Leslie Kawanura)

I look around me and see that many are needlessly suffering due to ignorance and such afflictive emotions as jealousy or anger. People wonder if it is really worthwhile to begin a spiritual practice if they have been careless with their life so far. Fortunately, it is never too late to have the benefits of a spiritual practice. But, where do you find the motivation to start and follow through on the spiritual path, especially if you have been careless with your life so far? As the great Indian master Nargajuna reminds us, even the formerly neglectful one, once becoming attentive and careful, can be beautiful and free from the clouds of obstruction. Even if you have led a careless life thus far you too have the means of liberation. Everyone has the ability to free themselves from the past as well as from their afflictive mental states and generate true happiness in this and future lifetimes.

 The Certainty of Rebirth

While holding a special kind of attitude for future lives; through a willingness to let go of an obsessive focus on this life; and while working to make this life meaningful from now on, you too can shine. If you undertake these things, you too can shine forth like a beautiful full moon unobstructed by negativity. A personal realization of the certainty of rebirth activates the transformation of the mind and begins to negate the three poisons of ignorance, attachment, and hatred. All negative actions and resulting unhappiness arise from these three poisons.

This certainty of rebirth opens you up to understanding and practicing the Dharma because you are motivated by such a realization. No matter what you have done up to this point in your life, you can obtain freedom by training your mind and living conscientiously. However, unless motivated by the certainty of future lives, you may not take this opportunity given you. When your focus remains primarily on this life you remain obstructed by the three poisons and can never obtain true and lasting happiness. Fortunately, at some point you may come to realize that life is short and precious, like a bubble on the ocean; you grasp the certainty of death. You admit that death can arrive at any time and that focus on worldly goals alone will not help you at the time of death.

If you have been careless with your life thus far, and have emphasized the obtaining of material wealth or social status and find that these do not bring true and lasting happiness, you can still change your view and therefore work toward your future happiness. Working on happiness for this life only is a waste. Your consideration needs to be on everlasting happiness and setting the proper conditions for your future lives. If you are presently obstructed by ignorance, anger, or attachment, and experiencing the resulting unhappiness these bring, you have the means to be free. 

A Special Kind of Attitude

The moon is beautiful, colorful, and bright—but when clouds obstruct its radiance, its basic natural beauty is obstructed. A person whose mind is caught up in afflictive emotions is like the moon obstructed by cloudsTheir mind is obstructed and they are not using their basic intelligence. But this condition is not absolute; this obstruction of afflictive emotions is not permanent. A person whose mind was previously covered by the clouds of attachment, ignorance, hatred, jealousy, or any kind of negative mental construct can be freed of these. Many have been clouded by conceit or pride, holding a wrong view, however, this also is not absolute, not permanent.

Even in such a case where the mind was completely clouded—resulting in utterly evil, negative speech and actions—there is an opportunity for freedom. This person held a totally wrong view; it can be this way for some people. However, even the most evil person can become pure, free of all obstacles, and become like the full, cloudless moon. It is never too late to develop a special attitude about future births. This means that you are motivated to live life meaningfully, and to study and practice the Dharma, because all of this influences the direction you will go after death. Once you fully grasp that you are going to be born again into another life, and that this is an irreversible and inevitable fact, you become motivated by wanting a higher rebirth. You also understand that, in this present life, you have the opportunity to influence your future lives (where you will once again have the fortunate opportunity to practice the Dharma).

Developing this special kind attitude toward future lives then gives you the motivation necessary to seriously learn and practice the Dharma. This attitude motivates you to live a purposeful and conscientious life, to take this opportunity to give up negative and careless ways.

You can rely on your basic intelligence to take full advantage of this opportunity.


The next blog is: Making Use of Your Basic Intelligence

Where to find more about Geshe L. Sopa, his books, Deer Park and related Buddhist teachings and resources:

Deer Park Buddhist Center in Oregon Wisconsin:   We will be reciting prayers for Geshe Sopa Rinpoche every evening at 7PM in the temple.

Geshe L. Sopa’s recently released autobiography: Like a Waking Dream: The Autobiography of Geshe Lhundub Sopa. 

The official site of His Holiness the Dalai Lama:

Wisdom Publications is dedicated to making available authentic Buddhist works for the benefit of all. They offer several books by Geshe L. Sopa and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.Wisdom Publications

Om Mani Padma Hung.


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