Give Your Self A Day: It’s Free

Unknown-1On this coming FRIDAY AUGUST 5th  and then on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 2nd I am offering my (free) WRITERS’ RETREAT at our home and retreat center: Thundering Clouds Center for Creative Living, LLC. Begins at 10:00 am and goes till 4:00. Bring own lunch. Write, walk the labyrinth spiral in the restored prairie, stalk the woods, visit with the horses. Take a spot on the deck. Enjoy the awakening inside and out. We have 40 acres to explore. Or, sit comfortably in the Writer’s gazebo. At 3:00 we have a sharing circle.

The prairie spiral is in full August bloom. IMG_1259

This is an opportunity too to meet up with other poets and writers.  I offer these days in remembrance, and as a way to honor the poet and essayist, William Stafford. He knew how valuable the written word is to our humanity and felt it worthwhile to support other writers and poets. He lived an open and generous life.

UnknownAND, this Friday, August 5th, I will be giving an hour lesson on consulting the I Ching. Bring your questions and journals. I use the I Ching to help me write and live. This will take place after lunch, around 12:30 in the gazebo. Everything is free and optional. 🙂

Please email for directions and to register:


Still room for a few more in my upcoming Transformational Writing Circle in Madison.

UnknownWriting Day


Consider the slight nudge

that a leaf once found

with the late spring wind


that one that held on through winter

like so many soft brown apples

now overly ripe

food still for the migrators


The leaf

now adrift in air

with that slow descent

moves out over the prairie

rising up

then down

then almost catching

on the Angelica


following the softest breeze

out and away

around the corner past the oak

that hangs over the pond


The leaf that disappears from view

but captured perhaps by another’s.


–JTJ,  for you, my writing tribe


IMG_6352Here is my calendar of events: Julie’s Calendar


6 thoughts on “Give Your Self A Day: It’s Free

  1. I’d love to come to these free writing retreats. I can’t come to the fall dates but hope the invitAtion will be extended in the future. Thank you Julie.

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