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FullSizeRenderOn my morning walks I commit to a certain destination out to a broken tree, which is about 2 miles from my home. This way, since I hold my destination at 2 miles out, I am sure to have a 4 mile walk. In some ways I trick myself into commiting to walking 4 miles, having to walk the two miles back.

In my upcoming Write-By-The-Lake retreat and workshop through the UW, Madison, we focus on giving our words a place to go on the page, and then, our pages a place to go once written. Through developing a Rainbow Theme Arc with our chosen subject we give ourselves a place to go with our ideas. There is no getting stuck because we are on our walk, in motion, with our book’s subject. The Rainbow Theme Arc (something I designed for my writers and based on my writing and publishing 11 books) is a way to hold a conversation with your subject and theme. The result is that the writer has set up their own “broken tree” to get to, once there, we may rest and stretch but soon we head back home, to complete our project.

Movement is the highest creative force available to us; movement is proof of life. As long as we are in conversation with our books topic and getting some of these ideas and stories down, our book is alive. Once the book is complete (and as we write it), we identify our reader-tribe. And they are out there, ready and waiting for you to share your stories and ideas. (You may have a blog idea, which is a great place for your writing to go). Here is a great blog on just that from Seth Godin!: 

So it helps to know where you want to go — set a destination that you can’t easily give up on and maybe too one that tricks you into going further than your resistance would let you.

Join me and other writers at: Free Writing Retreat Days; 2016 Transformational Writing Circle in Madison (year-long, monthly gathering Starts this OCTOBER); Write-By-The-Lake (next week folks!); or, request a personal consultation with me around your writing project.

The creative impulse of Van Gogh, a great genius, was simply loving what he saw and then wanting to share it with others, not for the purpose of showing off, but out of generosity.–Brenda Ueland, If You Want to Write


The creative act is not

hanging on, but yielding

to new creative movement. –Joseph Campbell


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