Giving Up

IMG_1788“Give up on all hope for results.”  #28, Lojong Slogan, taken from The Practice of Lo jong: Cultivating Compassion through Training the Mind, Traleg Kyabgon.  (Another way this is said is: Abandon any hope of fruition.)

This slogan may be a challenge for us Western ears and for us writers. But it is at the core of buddhist teachings as well as the 12 step program. Of course we want results, and we want to remain open to what is possible. But an obsession, or a clinging to results means we are stuck in our expectations of outcomes rather than giving our attention to the moment.

We really have no certainty of what the results of our writing (or any endeavor) will be. This is a sharp reality that will serve us when we let go of our obsessions around outcome, recognition and results.

Let’s do our best not to concern ourselves with what this all should look like in the end (be it a story or a relationship). Instead, let’s focus our energy and creativity on the scene we are in at the time.

“If we want to become great in the future, we need to do great things now.”  Traleg Kyabgon

We actually become blind to the progress that is taking place in our lives and writing when we are preoccupied and blinded by a need for reassurances that everything is going to turn out in a certain way.

We must just keep writing and living forward, from the present moment. The endings will arrive, the outcomes will be revealed. All in time.

That’s a promise.

“The Lo jong teachings use the analogy of an archer to illustrate this point. People often think focusing on the target is the most important thing for hitting it with precision, but any accomplished archer knows it’s actually our posture, the way we hold the bow, and how we position the arrow that will determine the accuracy of our shot. We’ll never hit the mark if we focus solely on the target and ignore our posture and technique.” The Practice of Long: Cultivating Compassion through Training the Mind, Traleg Kyabgon





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