Good-bye In This Context

It was a week ago that the Venerable Geshe Sopa took his last breath. I have not had a chance to make it to Deer Park to join in with others to chant and pray. In my heart I say good-bye to Geshe-la “in this context.” I am sad that such a beautiful teacher has left us, and grateful for all the teachings I received and for all the teachings and guidance he left for the whole of humanity. He will be missed in this context. This is how I say good-bye to those in my life, “Good-bye in this context,” for there is always the chance we may meet up again in another context.

This is the next piece in the Venerable Geshe Lhundub Sopa’s introductory teachings, the“lessons before the lessons.” We are still on the verse taken from Nagarjuna, Letters to a Friend. After his teaching, I offer up a commentary, along with some exercises:

Lesson before the Lesson: A Skeptic Awakening at the foot of one Sage.

For more on the Venerable Geshe Sopa and Deer Park:

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