Here, Take This Gift of Relationship

Mutual influence is the fundamental foundation, the hallmark, of a healthy, dynamic relationship and each conversation within our relationships. Marriages, friendships, work relationships are all dependent upon this quality. In its highest expression, mutual influence depends on both participants being ethical, truthful, and open. A willingness to be influenced is dependent upon a vulnerability and curiosity toward the other, a genuine motivation to understand the other and then be influenced by what the other has to say—give and take, a back and forth.

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Here, take this gift,

I was reserving it for some hero, speaker, or general,

One who should serve the good old cause, the great idea,

the progress and freedom of the race,

Some brave confronter of despots, some daring rebel;

But I see that what I was reserving belongs to you just as

much as to any. -Walt Whitman, “To a Certain Cantatrice”


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