How Blogs are Dangerous

Writing articles, books and Blogs can be dangerous to ones spiritual path.

It is easy to write about the spiritual and ethical path, it is quite another to practice it. One, such as myself, who is counseling and guiding others, must be particularly cautious. I may fool myself into believing I am doing my work because I work with others and write my daily Blog and books.

Writing and counseling are my vocations. A vocation I love and am talented at but this does not take the place of a personal spiritual practice.

The more we put ourselves out there in this way the more we must be strong in our own spiritual and ethical efforts. Teaching and doctoring others can be a pitfall because we may become dishonest, resulting in a discrepancy between what one writes or teaches and what one actually practices. The danger for all in the healing and teaching vocation is a reliance on your teacher or writer qualities while evading the actual practice of the spiritual pilgrim.

For this reason I am going on retreat. I am taking away my identification with how I put myself out there as a teacher or writer. At least for a while.

I will immerse myself in my spiritual practice without putting anything “out there” for others. I need to go deep and stay with the uncomfortable material that may arise as I meditate, contemplate and practice my spiritual principles. I will be “off the grid” from December 24th till January 4th. This means no daily Blogs, posts on my Facebook, or any emails. No time on the Internet. No preparing for future Blogs. I will not be holding any counseling sessions at this time either.

My retreat will be at home, the best place to contemplate just how well I am doing on my own practice and to study and engage my spiritual practices and principles.

Truth is within ourselves,

it takes no rise

from outward things; whate’er you may believe

there is an inmost center in us all

where truth abides in fullness; and around,

wall upon wall, the gross flesh hems it in,

this perfect, clear perception which is Truth.

A baffling and perverting carnal mesh

Binds it and makes all error; and to know

rather consists in opening out a way

whence the imprisoned splendor may escape

than in effecting entry for a light

supposed to be without.

–Robert Browning, from “Paracelsus”

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