How To Be Certain & Confident

There is a way to become certain and confident,–– Keep at it. Consistency breeds certainty and confidence.

Keep showing up at the page to write and you will develop certainty and confidence in your writing. (You will feel certainty in your ability to do the work and confidence in your improved writing.)

Keep training consistently in awakening compassion (with everyone) and you will gain certainty from this practice. (If you are compassionate only some of the time this will not generate certainty through the benefits experienced by such a practice. And, the benefits of consistency will create confidence.)

A consistent meditation practice creates positive results. An inconsistent practice doesn’t.

Keep holding those conversations with the “other” and you will experience an authentic connection. (Practice engaging with others in an open and compassionate way and you will discover more paths of connection. These experiences will deepen your certainty in our humanity. This then results in self-confidence around our abilities to be with others in an authentic way.)

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