Join The Noise

There is a community of the spirit.

Join it, and feel the delight

of walking in the noisy street,

and being the noise.

Rumi, “A Community of The Spirit”

Join the noise. Plant your lotuses in the noise and fire of your daily life. Give up the questing and searching for meaning and make meaning through your writing and living. Give voice to things bound by experience. As meaning makers we create and manifest meaning as we walk, as we write, where we live. We discover who or what we are within our families and communities, within the “noisy street” of our lives.

Practice writing everyday, here in the context of your busy life. Practice getting your written message out there into the streets where people will hear you.

Be the noise.


At the turn of dusk

the light leaves

a strip of day

writing its silver line


the distant hill.


Sometimes everything

has to come

down to that


thin line

so you can touch

that knowing

inside you.


Sometimes it takes

the turn of light

to dark

to know that

always, the

search for light

is already carried

in our secret heart.


No one else may know

how sometimes

when the last breath

has left

the body

someone in the room

has drawn something new

from the breathlessness


that silver line

between us.


There is no leaving

even as the last of the light

disappears from view

for, there is a dawning gala

in all that is arriving

on the crest

of the other side.   –Julie Tallard Johnson, “The Pilgrimage”


Join me and others on October 10th for my final 2014 open writing day. Let’s make some noise together.


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