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“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” –Max Planck, Nobel Prize-winning physicist, considered the father of quantum physics

Each morning I begin with some inspirational reading, scripting, and meditation. This gives me an internal compass to navigate my day, rather than being pushed around by outside circumstances. Lately, with so much uncertainty, I have been doing my best to turn everything into the path. I meet up with what arises with gratitude and curiosity (as best I can).

UnknownThroughout the day I may use a slogan to help me focus. These slogans typically come from my Lojong practice and book: The Practice of Lojong: Cultivating Compassion through Training the Mind by Tragell Kyabgon.  There are 59 pithy slogans to explore, and I choose one for each day.

Today’s:  Meditate on the great kindness of everyone!

“Our habituated responses are disempowering, because they make everything look and feel as if it were working against us. If we can shift our focus from our rigid, narrow, and habituated points of view, we will empower our ability to embrace situations in a new way so that every situation will start to seem more workable.” -Kyabgon, Traleg. The Practice of Lojong: Cultivating Compassion through Training the Mind (p. 96). Shambhala. (Slogan #13)

I have also encountered great slogans through the 12 step program of Al-Anon. They too offer up pithy statements to help train our mind and focus on what is possible rather than ruminate and resist our difficulties. One collection of 12-Step slogans are versions of “Just for Today.”  Just for today I will  . . .

Just for today I will drop all anxiety about the future. I will live this day with as much joy, trust and serenity as I can, realizing that this day is all I can handle.

In my work with writers I find the biggest challenge is moving through RESISTANCE. We find it challenging, at best, to sit our butt down and write. We want to write. We want to finish what we started. We want to share our writing with others. We want to express ourselves and what is meaningful on the page.

Slogans may help.

So, here are a few JUST FOR TODAY slogans for writers. Feel free to add your own lines of wisdom to help you remember what it is you want and to help you direct your heart and mind toward writing.

Just for today I will consider myself a writer, no matter if I get to the page or not.

Just for today I will approach each encounter as a writer and explore how I might bring this experience to the page.

Just for today I will appreciate the written word, recognizing how it helps humanity remember and progress.

Just for today I will carry my pocket notebook and jot down a few insights or questions.

Just for today I will give myself those 15 golden minutes with my project, even if it is the last 15 minutes of my day.

Just for today I will be merciful to my creative spirit and recognize my gifts and talents.

Just for today I will appreciate another writer for their work in the world.

Just for today I will thank my Great Friend (Higher Power) for all the opportunity there is for me. I will take a moment and recognize the opportunities available to me, now.

Just for today I will take responsibility for my creative life.

Just for today I will explore what is possible and let go of the rest.

Just for today I will greet the world as a friend.

Just for today I will go forth into the day with enthusiasm, believing in my own creative value and worthiness, and with determination to enjoy this day and give it my positive best, come what may.

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