Listen to Your Life

Want to experience success? Are you butting up against some resistance in your creative pursuits? Do you want to transform your difficulties? Start by taking a conscious look around you. Do a conscious (compassionate) inventory of your life. How and where are you stuck? Where do you feel the most fulfillment and joy? What brings up the most resistance? Where does the difficulty arise? What do you want (in comparison to what you are getting)?

Your life is your mirror. When we live the questions and consciously take a look at our life, solutions appear within the context of our life.

But we often seem to ignore what is right in front of us and go in pursuit of some quick fix or answer.

We are trained to go on a diet, buy some item that will uplift us, read yet another how to book, or purchase another spiritual trinket that will do the work for us. (There are even programs available that claim to write the book for you!) But that pill won’t lose the weight for you, (no matter what Dr. Oz says.) The crystal won’t do the healing all on its own. The high tech program won’t actually come up with the idea. The how to books won’t make the effort for you. These passive methods of creativity are seductive but limited in bringing about success.

Save your money. Invest in what really brings on transformation and success, and even an occasional miracle – You.

Transformation will always (always) involve personal awareness on our part and then movement through action. Even when grace arrives to save the day – it’s what we do with this opportunity that will turn our resistance or difficulty into a success story.

Awareness can come through methods such as spiritual journaling or meditation, or, external sources such as in a friend or counselor. I recently shared in a writing circle how I was stuck in writing my novel. Someone asked how this particular resistance mirrored what might be going on in my life at the time. BINGO! My resistance inevitably held up a mirror to some issues I experienced within the larger context of my life.

Then comes the needed movement following awareness. The challenge could be transformed in several ways. As a writer I could work with the dynamic “on the page.” This moving through resistance through my writing allowed me to be creative at the same time. I could also use the resistance in my writing as a mirror to what wants attention in my day-to-day life. I could put some energy in changing the dynamic in my “off the page” life.

Just as everything is connected to everything else, — everything is also a mirror for everything else in our life. Our life has everything in reach for any desired transformation. You are the author to your success stories. You are the solution you seek.

What felt like dreaming,

was wakeful walking after all.

A slow gathering

that has caused my baskets to be filled.

Look how full they sit.

Stories, laughs, loves, gleaned

and piled past decent measure

in the caches of memory.


It’s time for the harvest festival

of lived truths, and found treasures.


Time to give back.          –Rebecca  Cecchini, poet, writer


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  1. I like the way the Julie takes you back to “awareness” to see how an issue in your life that stops you from experiencing movement and joy, whether in business, relationships, health, etc, is related to other ongoing issues in your life. A lot of motivational workshops tend to focus on bulldozing through your blocks with hysterical cheerleading and affirmations instead of stopping to be aware of them and what might be a better way to dissolve them. I help people with stress and trauma by using a somatic awareness that produces incredible results. Julie also links the necessary “action” component to the awareness piece, which is often missing in spiritually based workshops. Thanks Julie.