Anne Forbes, Partners in Place & Three Doors Academy Staff

Anne Forbes of Partners in Place grew up with hands in the dirt, bugs in a jar, and tadpoles in a tub. Over the years, she supported environmental and community collaborations as a biologist, ecologist, consultant, facilitator, teacher, and spiritual seeker.

Anne currently practices as a graduate of The 3 Doors Academy and staff member for the international 3 Doors organization inspired by the vision of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. The 3 Doors offers simple and powerful meditation methods of body, speech, and mind that work with the challenges of everyday life in modern society.

Please email Anne to receive information about meditation practice groups and workshops in and around Madison, WI

Anne is also the creator and publisher of the Wheels of Time and Place, a unique toolkit for tracking the cycles and seasons of our lives – which is now out of print. However, the work continues as we welcome Janet Moore as the new project manager for the Wheels of Time and Place.


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