David Rozelle, Wisconsin Poet & Author

“Raised in both a children’s home and in foster homes, he somehow never made it to prison, disappointing both himself and those who still consign kids like the one he was to fates they inexplicably deserve by birth.  He holds degrees, held a Fulbright (Denmark) and made his way in the world as a jack-of-many-jobs, including teaching and writing.  A resident of a secluded hilltop south of Spring Green, he has now retired.”  (David’s words)

Recently released book by David:  The Kid Who Climbed the Tarzan Tree.  Available here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Kid-Climbed-Tarzan-Tree/dp/0989643158

David is a delight to have as guest to your bookstore, book club or library. He can be found afternoons at the General Store in Spring Green Wisconsin. Books sold there too!


Here are some of David’s poems:

What Would Be Green

Soil tilled dark, planted unseen,
feigns death at first light.
But punched below, new seeds riot
against the crown,
While earth, plowed topsy-turvy,
thrusts back, out of sight.
What would be green begins in blackness,
upside down.

Contact David Rozelle, Wisconsin Poet & Author

email: umbaldo@gmail.com