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Shamanism is an ancient form of spirituality practiced by tribal societies and indigenous cultures. The shamanism practiced by contemporary healers is a distillation of beliefs called “core” shamanism popularized by Michael Harner, the anthropologist credited with bringing this work to the US in the 1960s and 1970s. (For more on shamanism, read his book The Way of the Shaman.)

       Today’s shamanic practitioner partners with Spirit, working in light and love to conduct healing for their client and to help the client remember and return to a balanced, harmonious state of being.

       Shamans believe that everything has a spirit and that a universal energy connects us all. By traveling to the spirit realm, the shamanic practitioner can talk to anything with a spirit, including ancestors, animals, trees, spirit guides and stones. This conversation happens during a shamanic journey, a trancelike state induced by drumming or rattling.

      Shamanic healing is effective for:

  • restoring joy, vitality and power after the “emptiness” of a loss or trauma
  •  releasing painful childhood experiences
  •    clearing heavy energy from the body after physical or emotional traumas
  •      releasing old thought/behavorial patterns that no longer serve us
  •      shifting heavy ancestral energy in the family line
  •      helping us connect with our inner wisdom and our spirit guides  

       The shamanic healing session takes place at the practitioner’s office in a comfortable, confidential environment. The practitioner first conducts an interview with the client to determine their intent for healing and to help track energy patterns in their life. The shamanic intervention begins with creating sacred space and calling in spirit helpers. Then the practitioner proceeds with journeying to Spirit for guidance on the session, followed by the healing work.

       Depending on the healing work undertaken, the client either sits in a chair or lies on a massage table (fully clothed) for the session. A first session typically lasts around two hours and includes both intake interview and energy work. Subsequent sessions generally run between ninety minutes and two hours.

       At the end of the session, instructions for after-care are given and next steps are discussed. A period of downtime after the session is beneficial for the client to fully integrate the healing.

Debra Morrill has a shamanic healing practice in Prairie du Sac, WI. She specializes in ancestral healing, soul retrieval, compassionate depossession, and helping clients connect with their inner wisdom for healing. She leads a nine-part ancestral healing circle and a seven-month journey through the chakras.


Debra Morrill

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