Mokasiya Alan, Poet

Poetry is what i wake up to every morning in the song of sunrise, in the breath of soul. I invite you to join with me on your journey exploring the heart and soul of mystery, through the poetry that I offer around sensuality, the landscape of the mind, the natural world we live in and the sacred pipe.

To honor this beautiful planet Earth I practice connecting with nature and Spirit through playfulness, outdoor art, meditation, pipe ceremony, pipestone carving, poetry, and other open-hearted practices of healing and self empowerment. I live in a one room cabin with my partner in the  drift-less region of southwest Wisconsin. I have self published three books of poetry and am working on a new book of poems.

In the spirit of connectedness I look forward to sharing this blog and my poetry with you. Peace, Mokasiya

Every Kind

The morning grew
fat and shameless
like buffalo tallow
and apricot marmalade
smudged on toast

it was a good season
to grow trees
and everything alive

the rains kept coming
filling every root
making ready to swell
every kind
of fruit.

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