No Lesson Here (The Problem with Problem Solving)

It’s not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?”
– Henry David Thoreau

In the spiritual arena people often search for the reason a given tragedy happened. “What is (the Cosmic Force) pointing to here?” they might ask, or “What is the lesson this event is asking me to learn?” In the business and corporate arena, too often such a search is for someone else (or somewhere else) to blame. No one wants to say, “The buck stops here,” and in so doing, take responsibility for their role in the fiasco. Instead, they enter into a form of problem-solving in which they look for an external cause of what went wrong.

Searching for the lesson inherent in any given situation that we interpret as “having gone badly,” or looking to assign blame to something external to ourselves, constitutes a style of problem-solving that limits our ability to see the larger picture and the possibilities that the experience may give rise to. Instead of seeing the potentialities that are present in the aftermath of the event, we tend to look at only the negative aspects involved in the event itself.   To read further go to: No Lesson Here on

As Daniel Kahneman writes in his book Thinking, Fast and Slow, “When you analyze happiness, it turns out that the way you spend your time is extremely important.”

Click here to order the Zero Point Agreement.  The zero point agreement, which I developed to offer you the ability to live a meaningful and active life. “I live life from my side” is the personal expression of the zero point agreement, and it means to live from within as a meaning maker. All other agreements and possibilities come down to understanding this core agreement— to live life consciously and purposefully from our side. This agreement makes it possible to harvest personal meaning from all of life’s circumstances. We can only make meaning, live creatively, be of real benefit, when we do so from the zero point, from our side.

Why I Am Happy

Now has come, an easy time. I let it
roll. There is a lake somewhere
so blue and far nobody owns it.
A wind comes by and a willow listens
I hear all this, every summer. I laugh
and cry for every turn of the world,
its terribly cold, innocent spin.
That lake stays blue and free; it goes
on and on.
And I know where it is.”   –William Stafford




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