One Line Manifestos on a Writer’s Life

It’s not about trying to fit into our clothes, rather, having clothes that fit.

Every scene in our life holds the potential for presence and connection.

Vulnerability is our best protection.

A little yoga goes a long way.

If a sentence, job, scene, or relationship doesn’t work stop trying to force things along.

There are no secrets.

We have nothing to prove to anyone (and everything to learn).

We are here to discover.

Grief takes as long as it takes.

A divided life is exhausting. (If you are living a divided life you are likely exhausted).

Practice meeting everyone and everything half-way.

Stay in the conversation.

It’s not your job to make someone understand.

You have to be both able and willing.

A good walk outdoors will help.

All conflict involves projection.

Serenity arrives from living life from our side, from the inside out.

We live a storied life.

It gets down to the narrative we are in.

Give up the search for meaning and be a meaning maker.

Writing is a superpower.

One sentence at a time.

Keep paying attention.

Listen (to your characters).


“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” (His Holiness the Dalai Lama).

Get out of your own way.

Talk less.

Handwrite something everyday.

Stay present in your leavings.

You can only know if you want to stay if you know you can leave.

Stay in the conversation until the book is done.

We can always rewrite the narrative.

Rewriting is writing.

It’s okay to change your mind.

Fear and shame drive the antagonists and Trouble Makers.

Be the cause not the effect of your life.

Know what you are in agreement with.

If you cannot forgive you are imprisoned.

Above what anyone else says, trust your own experience.

Time in nature will restore and re-story you.

Clinging causes suffering.

Taking sides means you are closing off from half of reality.

You do know.

It’s not freedom from but freedom in.

A principled life is a free life.

Show don’t tell.

Healing happens where there is acceptance.

Everyone is on his or her own path of growth.

Stay in your own lane.

This can be a playground for your curiosity.

A scar is stronger than skin.

Catch others doing something right.

It’s best to know your own history.

We can choose our last sentence.


15 thoughts on “One Line Manifestos on a Writer’s Life

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