Still Writing

10360533_1590486837895465_196703943937626973_nI began writing into journals at the age of sixteen. I still write in journals, pocket notebooks, note cards, sticky notes, and, sooner or later, into my computer. Writing is a way of life for me. It is how I hold conversations with the Great Unknown. I give myself permission to write about whatever calls to me. I write out whatever spiritual paradox, creative idea, or, relationship challenge presents itself to me.

As I write I story my life.

Instead of letting the world, or my past, or even circumstances I am in dictate my story, I write. I reframe. I re-story. I add new characters, kill off ones that no longer serve the greater good, and confront the inner demons and shadow that remains perched in my inner landscape. I get brave on the page, and this courage carries out into my daily life. I imagine possibilities on the page and these imaginary stories ignite real possibilities in stories I live off the page.

I feast from a conrnacopia of writing: I script, make maps, streamline thoughts, write notes to myself,  . . .  I write poems, fiction, short stories, flash fiction, blogs, letters (sent and unsent), essays, books, book proposals (sent and unsent), myths and children’s stories. I sit in conversation with the world around me through the written word. What I don’t write (or maybe can’t put into) my nonfiction I include in my fiction. As a fiction writer I can be old, ugly and lumpy. I can be belligerent, arrogant and compassionate all in one scene.

I write my way through life’s transitions that bring on real and lasting transformation. I prepare myself on the page to find myself more courageous, more intelligent and even more kind when confronted with difficulty in my daily life.

I am in love with the writer’s life. And that’s a good thing, this love affair. There are days where writing is difficult or I am not sure I have another thought worth putting down. But, (of course), I write about this emptiness. And in my writing the gap is filled. In my writing ideas come, scenes develop and the craft of writing is mastered.

Everything I write is true. I am however getting some of the facts wrong.

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