Strong Medicine

Sometimes the strongest medicine is in the conversation.

I had an acupuncture session today. It always begins with a diagnostic check-in, which includes him listening to my pulse, looking at my tongue and hearing what I have to say about my health. Since coming in several months ago for pain and stiffness, I am now virtually pain free. I attribute this to my acupuncture and Thai massage sessions, my daily walking, going gluten and dairy-free, and keeping my spiritual and meditation practice central to my life.

Robert Victor, my acupuncturist announced in my check-in that I was ready to go to the next level with bringing my body into full balance. He said I had taken care of the underlying problems to my issues and now we could really get to bringing my body to a fuller height of health.

He likened it to a bank where there is a teller stealing money. The bank in this case is losing money due to the issue of theft. If the bank were to simply deposit more money into its vault, this would only give the theft more to steal and would not take care of the underlying issue.

So in order for me to reach optimal health, I first need to take care of what may be undermining my health. (May even be robbing me of my health.) Having gotten rid of the thief, I, (the bank) can now start making some deposits.

I went on to consider this in other areas of my life. How can I “take on” a healthy mind-set when I may hold some undermining beliefs and agreements that would continue to rob me of integrity and undermine a more affirmative mind-set?

How can I expect my mind to be “pain-free” when I leave a thief “telling” one of my booths?

So, let’s take the time to disarm, remove, dismantle, or fire any underlying belief system, mind-set or agreement that is keeping us from truly evolving spiritually and psychologically.

Thank you Robert.

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  1. Thief in a bank! Of interest to readers, Oriental medicine identifies two types of “bank thieves” that are capable of undermining our health. One common especially in this season, comes from outside ourselves, or an “external” pathogenic factor like a cold or flu that steals our energy. Another type is referred to as an “internal” pathogenic factor. This might be a condition that is more subtle because it has been developing for a long time. There are many diagnostic categories that pertain to these internal factors. Oriental medicine has a practical way for practitioners to identify these usurping factors and rid them so that we can obtain optimal health. These factors might be too much of basic elements such as, “Dampness”, “Heat” “Dryness leading to Yin Deficiency”. Thanks to Julie to make the “bank thief” connection to attending to our will, examine our attitudes and outlook.