Creating Conditions for Enlightenment

  A friend recently asked me whether I thought that the chance for enlightenment only comes once — if I thought I might miss my one chance to enlightenment if I was at the time distracted (like with alcohol). What I know is that “enlightenment” is right there all the time next to me, right now, always. Or better described as within me. It is my responsibility to set up the conditions for it. Just like a seed holds within its full awakening to its greatest potential; I too hold this within me. So drinking alcohol (for me) hinders my chance of … Continue reading

Dharma and the Turtle

I hear jam jars “popping” their successful sealing while I sit and consider what to write about on my first week of teachings at Deer Park. I just finished my second batch of black raspberry jam from this year’s abundant crop. Also made banana-black raspberry bread and blueberry-raspberry pie. And there are still many berries waiting to be picked.  A loud “pop” again is heard and I am brought back to this moment – what to share about my first week at Deer Park? On a personal level I feel much gratitude being able to take these teachings and from … Continue reading