What’s Trump Got to do with It?

“What we name it matters little to me, since the origins, nature, and destiny of call-it-what-you-will are forever hidden from us, and no one can credibly claim to know its true name. But that we name it matters a great deal. For “it” is the objective, ontological reality of selfhood that keeps us from reducing ourselves, or each other, to biological mechanisms, psychological projections, sociological constructs, or raw material to be manufactured into whatever society needs — diminishments of our humanity that constantly threaten the quality of our lives.” Parker J Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness Our self-hood, true nature, integrity, or, self-esteem (call “it” … Continue reading

How Bullies Bully

Abusers will also “gaslight” their past. They typically have a history of failed relationships that they loudly blame on the inadequacies of the other. Bullies tend to jump from one relationship into another, not being able to handle the responsibility of solitude and aloneness. Basically, they need someone close-in to bully. Continue reading