The Thing About Marriage and Writing

Everyday I discover common ground in living a true spiritual life with that of living a true writer’s life. Take marriage and writing. A lot of people “get married,” and then, well, that’s it. They view themselves “as married,” with nothing left for them to do to create a marriage. Marriage isn’t something they “do,” it’s something they “have.”  They are “in” a marriage rather than making a marriage. Big mistake (albeit a common one). Marriage isn’t a possession; marriage is a relationship. We make a marriage. And, a true marriage, like all relationships, is just as much about the “other” as it is … Continue reading

Can This Marriage Be Saved? (Or, Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?)

I spent a good part* of two days rewriting the start of my novel. (A novel I have already given a decade to). I took out all the backstory and started where the “story begins.” Still, it needed more work. Lots. I was telling instead of showing. (That “show don’t tell” principle of the craft). I was in the protagonists head way too much. And, the novel needed re-structuring. All these are part of the craft of writing. I was not born knowing these crafts. I have read dozens of books on how to write. Novels worth reading are obviously … Continue reading