For A Beautiful Life: Take Two & Go To Bed

I write this to you from the 2nd day into my weeklong (city) writing retreat. On my first night (Saturday), I planned on going to the comedy club on State Street. A woman comedian seemed like a perfect fit for what I needed. Going solo meant I would be placed with a table of strangers. An opportunity to meet up with either a good social experience or material to write about. Likely both. As I unpacked and then went to the co-op to get food for the week, I felt I was having an allergic reaction to my space at the airbnb. I … Continue reading

The Wanderer

My daughter and I just returned from Ireland. Yes, Ireland is beautiful, friendly and the roads are small and curvy. As travelers we were strangers in a strange land. As such, we approached each encounter and person with curiosity and respect. Traveling slowed us down. Not just driving on the “wrong” side of the road, from the “wrong” side of a car (with a stick shift on my left); being a stranger in a new place slowed me down. Everyone and everything was unfamiliar. A good traveler relies on attentiveness (Lydia navigated our entire trip; it took two to drive through country and city). When … Continue reading

Getting Lost in Your Writing

When I tell people this summer’s mother daughter trip is to Ireland they inevitably ask, “What made you choose Ireland?” For those who don’t ask the inevitable question they inevitably say, “I’ve been there and it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth.” My response to the question is the skinny truth, being that there isn’t a lot of depth and mystery here. I wanted to visit a place that would take me overseas and one that was user-friendly. I also let my daughter choose; and the images of Ireland called to her too. So, I ignored my fear … Continue reading