What The Tree Taught Me by guest blogger Kerstin Kuentzel

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  – Neale Donald Walsch I chose the above line as personal mantra and reminder for this year. Little did I know that the ink of my pen would have barely time to dry before a series of unexpected happenings would test my stamina and perseverance. Over and over again, I only had to look outside into my backyard where my old friend, a river birch has taught me free survival lessons for eighteen years. When my husband planted the young tree, our neighbors were skeptical about whether it would make it on the chosen … Continue reading

Coyote on the prowl by guest blogger, Kerstin Kuentzel

  Soft conversation seeps through walls. Subtle chirps in front of the open window, sotto voce as if my feathered friends were afraid to scare this new day off with too much noise. Snake-like, a sliver of dim light has escaped the folds of the curtain and creeps along the floor. Time to get up, sleepy head! One more stretch in slow motion, embracing every inch of my reach. I swing both feet out of bed. Bare soles are caressed by carpet loops. I sit there for some seconds. My mind is already creating the daily checklist.   Watch out, … Continue reading