The Zero Point Agreement

This article is taken from my upcoming release titled: The Zero Point Agreement: The Door to Freedom and Lasting Satisfaction. All true and lasting happiness is based on this one principle. When you are in agreement with this principle, happiness and contentment will be the result. No matter what your spiritual base, no matter what you are practicing, without this agreement your spiritual practice and its achievements will be fragile and ephemeral at best. When you are not in agreement with this principle, difficulty and unhappiness will ensue. This agreement will be found within the core of all the major … Continue reading

Stolen Words

There is a great theft going on, one that steals our power, our medicine and our ability to hold our seat when necessary. Words are being stolen right out from under us.  What happens then is we find we are going right when we thought we were going left. We find ourselves believing without reservation that North is up and South is down. We find ourselves being scared of someone because they are a Christian or a Muslim. We find we shouldn’t feel entitled or hungry. And that selfish is always bad and love is always good. (Many, many nasty … Continue reading

Creating Conditions for Enlightenment

  A friend recently asked me whether I thought that the chance for enlightenment only comes once — if I thought I might miss my one chance to enlightenment if I was at the time distracted (like with alcohol). What I know is that “enlightenment” is right there all the time next to me, right now, always. Or better described as within me. It is my responsibility to set up the conditions for it. Just like a seed holds within its full awakening to its greatest potential; I too hold this within me. So drinking alcohol (for me) hinders my chance of … Continue reading

Unveiling The Story

This next series of my blogs will be on Spiritual Journaling and Creative Writing to accompany my class–  Spiritual Journaling: Writing Your Way to Enlightenment. The practice of journal writing for me has always strengthened my spiritual practice and improved my writing practice. For me the two paths are synonymous, hence, Spiritual Journaling. “Writing above all, is seeing clearly.”  Peter Mathiessen, Letters from the Wild You are welcome to join me and take your own pilgrimage using your journaling as a means to travel. Let’s begin with searching for a story. How willing are you to pay attention until the plot of the … Continue reading

The Impossible Task

“In our era, the road to holiness necessarily passes through the world of action.” –Dag Hammarskjold   I feel quite blessed and content in my life but know that through inevitable difficulty (loss of loved ones, or simply through the process of aging for examples), I will experience the pain involved in living. What I have also discovered is that life, when truly lived is full of impossible tasks. I make sure to walk the labyrinth-spiral in our prairie every day at sunrise the week up to my birthday. My fifty-fourth birthday was this past August 16th. I take the time … Continue reading

Dharma and the Turtle

I hear jam jars “popping” their successful sealing while I sit and consider what to write about on my first week of teachings at Deer Park. I just finished my second batch of black raspberry jam from this year’s abundant crop. Also made banana-black raspberry bread and blueberry-raspberry pie. And there are still many berries waiting to be picked.  A loud “pop” again is heard and I am brought back to this moment – what to share about my first week at Deer Park? On a personal level I feel much gratitude being able to take these teachings and from … Continue reading

Healing Medicine for the Hidden Wound: Guru Meditation

This is the final session of the Spring/Summer Meditation Class. Thank you for joining me. This last class is on Guru Meditation. We can get to the root cause of a wound or habit through the practice of Guru meditation. We all have repetitive issues that are diffcult or seemingly impossible to get to the root of and dislodge once and for all from our lives. All our habitual patterns come from our past, our “pain stories.” See more on freedom from our pain stories in my upcoming book: The Wheel of Initiation: Practices for Releasing the Inner Light.  We … Continue reading

Walking the Labyrinth of the Three Jewels and Walking Meditation Practice

  Come on out to Thundering Clouds Center for Creative Expression, LLC on Friday  JUNE 26th for an OPEN DAY for Writers and Nature Lovers.  Dogs welcome. This is from 9 am till 4:00. A day to listen, enJOY, connect, meditate and write . . . walk the spiral as she blooms, visit the Initiation lodge or the Pipe tree, walk the paths in the woods, write in the gazebo or find a favorite spot to meditate.  Free.  Bring own lunch and water bottle.  I will be here writing . . . Visit the newly made Labyrinth of the Three Jewels . … Continue reading

The Inner Healer

“Illness is made from negative emotions frozen by time and bad habits.” –Letha Hadady, D. AC., taken from Asian Heath Secrets “Your choices make you Gods.” There is a Healer in each of us. Journal writing exercises, mindfulness meditations, visualization practices and exercise all get us in touch with the Healer Within. Last week we focused on slowing down enough to listen. When we take the time to listen we are open to a more enlightened choice in the moment.  The food we choose to eat directly impacts our mental, spiritual and physical health. As we cleanse ourselves of poor … Continue reading

Freedom through the art of Listening

“One of my wings beat faster, I couldn’t help it– the one away from the light. It hurt to be told all the time how I loved that terrible flame.” –William Stafford, Growing Up If you experienced a small increase in awareness, this awareness will make it possible to see the mountain that impedes your success. If you experienced a bit of compassion for yourself with this awareness you will be able to move this mountain. Patience and compassion along with a willingness to do what it takes to be free from habitual states is key here. Slow and steady. … Continue reading