The Makings of an Authentic Miracle

Someone recently inquired about what I thought a miracle was. So, in response of course I sat down and wrote my thoughts in my journal. After all, everything is grist for the mill when it comes to spiritual journaling and the writer’s life. The response came quickly because I have experienced many miracles in my life. Just yesterday morning looking out my window I witnessed a miracle. Miracles often go beyond our ability to explain how they happened. Of course there is much around us that cannot easily be explained. However, when we have a miracle show up it is through our … Continue reading

Prostrations to the Three Jewels

The three jewels of Buddhism are the Buddha, the Dharma (truth/wisdom) and the Sangha (spiritual community). So where is the Buddha? Where is the dharma? Where can we find enlightenment, freedom, and truth? Where is our spiritual community? That which you seek, whatever it is, will be found in giving up the search and simply focus on the practice itself. If it is the Buddha we seek, all we have to do is practice.  It is also through the practice of our spiritual principles that we are protected. For example, when difficulty happens to me instead of getting angry, afraid, or … Continue reading