Our Blind Spots

“You Still Have A Few Blind Spots.” “Julie, you still have a few blind spots,” a spiritual teacher reminded me on our last time together. I was leaving Minneapolis to move down to Spring Green, Wisconsin. She didn’t, of course, tell me what these blind spots were; it was just a gentle reminder that I did still have them. I had done a lot of inner work up until that time. So it’s safe to assume that I may have gotten a bit arrogant around my efforts and growth. I could have become like Theseus after his successes with the Minotaur: he thought of himself … Continue reading

Please pass the Salt, by guest blogger (and poet) Rebecca Cecchini

My heart is full of gratitude these days for my many teachers. Particularly those passers-on of the gifts – tools of learning, of insight, or compassion, and sometimes literally of survival, those teachers on whom Wisdom relies from age to age. It’s no wonder wisdom is personified in our many traditions throughout history. It is, by nature and in fact, a living, breathing, entity. “Through us, with us, in us”… we all are gatherers and keepers of that “salt” which permeates not only our points of joy, but which also falls through the cracks in our lives, to make use … Continue reading

Listen to Your Life

Want to experience success? Are you butting up against some resistance in your creative pursuits? Do you want to transform your difficulties? Start by taking a conscious look around you. Do a conscious (compassionate) inventory of your life. How and where are you stuck? Where do you feel the most fulfillment and joy? What brings up the most resistance? Where does the difficulty arise? What do you want (in comparison to what you are getting)? Your life is your mirror. When we live the questions and consciously take a look at our life, solutions appear within the context of our … Continue reading