Write the Truth

In the old television show Dragnet, Sergeant Joe Friday’s catchphrase was, “Just the facts, ma’am.” But what he got was some version of the truth. Don’t even try to write “just” facts. Facts by themselves are boring. The sky was blue. That is a fact. She shot him in the head. That is a fact. Boring to read. No story. No truth. Write the truth. And in writing the truth you write a story. In every form of writing it gets down to telling a good story. Good stories are full of relative and universal truths. The sky wasn’t blue … Continue reading

The Arrogance of Certainty (Or, How to Wake Up the Soul)

A classmate of my daughter passed out pamphlets on his religious belief at the school’s entrance. (It’s a public school). He is fifteen years old. Every chance he gets, he talks about Jesus. At first I wasn’t sure what bothered me (the most), pushing his religion on others or his arrogance. (It doesn’t help that he is exceptional at everything and likely to be voted as best of something.) Of course, arrogance and forcing our ideas on others go hand in hand. Recently an angry atheist called me a stupid, boring c***  during  my first (and last) twitter debate about … Continue reading