The Makings of an Authentic Miracle

Someone recently inquired about what I thought a miracle was. So, in response of course I sat down and wrote my thoughts in my journal. After all, everything is grist for the mill when it comes to spiritual journaling and the writer’s life. The response came quickly because I have experienced many miracles in my life. Just yesterday morning looking out my window I witnessed a miracle. Miracles often go beyond our ability to explain how they happened. Of course there is much around us that cannot easily be explained. However, when we have a miracle show up it is through our … Continue reading

Winter Writing

 Freedom involves making decisions, and each decision is a destiny decision.- Joseph Campbell   What do a snowstorm, winter prairie, prayer flags, frozen seeds and enlightenment have in common?   Well, being a meaning-maker, I decide that. Oh how I love the writer’s life, I can take and make meaning of everything!  As the spiritual practitioner I am also the meaning maker but use sacred texts as a skillful means to make meaning of my encounters and experiences. After all, awakened Beings have gone before me and traversed the difficulties and distractions leaving behind many maps for me to use.   So my … Continue reading